Exclusive to Attwoods Packaging

AIRmove® Improve your packaging efficiency

The AIRmove® machine eliminates the need to purchase, transport and store bulky rolls of bubble wrap or bags of loose fill; it makes professional strength product and offers product on demand. It requires less material than traditional bubble because it is larger than pre-made bubble and offers superior product protection.


AIRmove® Advantages:

  • Whether large, fragile or heavy, any product can be packed - quickly and safely
  • Forget cumbersome handling with loose fill or packing paper
  • Only one product is needed to provide both protection and padding
  • Save time, reduce stress by using this simple method
  • Gain more space and convenience
  • Fully Recyclable
  • AIRmove® is ready to use immediately

Order your starter pack here ( Machine and 2 rolls)

Look how easy it is to use                                           And adaptable to the product being packed

Technical Details

Dimensions: LxWxH(max) = 462 x 200 x216mm
Speed: approx. 3.5m /min
Set-up time: < 1 minute 
Voltage: 220/110V AC
Power output: 50 Watt (max), 10 Watt (standby)
Weight: 4kg (without roll)
Rolls of Film:
Weight: 6kg
Length 250m, Width 400mm