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About Attwoods

Attwoods is a packaging supply specialist with your business environment in mind.  From large commercial operations to retail and small business, New Zealand wide, Attwoods can assist you.

Customer Service

Attwoods trained, experienced and long serving staff, ensure an excellence of service that is hard to match. We respect the value of every customer from the biggest multinational to the smallest independent company.

Our account customers experience service that is focussed on their specific requirements. Attwoods provides tailored packaging solutions that are designed to fit the specific business requirements from ordering and stock management to advice and support.  There are a number of benefits to becoming an Attwoods account customerContact us today to find out more about how our dedicated team can assist you.


With 60 years trading experience, our very experienced sales team, the Attwoods Management team and staff are actively involved in all aspects of day to day contact with our customers. Customers can be assured of our focused attention and detailed product advice.